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I am redeemed

I am redeemed, bought with a price,
Jesus has changed my whole life.
If anybody asks you, just who I am,
tell them I am redeemed.

Verse 1
Where there is hate, love now abides,
where there was confusion, peace now reigns.
I'm walking with Jesus, I’m a child of the King,
it's all because I am redeemed.

Verse 2
I'll tell of His favor, I'll tell of His love,
I'll tell them because God has been good to me.
He purchased my redemption with His precious blood,

and from sin I've been set free.

Verse 3
There's no shackles on me, I'm as free as I can be;
because Jesus changed my life.
He died up on the cross,
that's why I can tell the world that I am redeemed.


Verse 4

If you run across anybody that used to know me, tell them I'm doing fine.

The last time that you saw me, I was lifting up holy hands,

I'll tell them I've been redeemed.










1. だが、今、ヤコブよ。あなたを作りだした方、主はこう仰せられる。「恐れるな。私があなたを購ったのだ。わたしはあなたの名を呼んだ。あなたはわたしのもの







Rev.Taisuke お勧めのI am redeemedの音源動画
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