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Raising the Banner for the Lord

Fundraising program for the Church building in 2018-2019 was achieved !!

-Total donation is 5,057,967 yen(JPY) .

(26 Nov 2019)

 We planted the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Niigata-city in Japan on January 3, 2016. Since then, we've been worshiping every Sunday, utilizing a small ramen restaurant as our church building and holding bible study and choir rehearsal at public venues.

    With God's blessing, our church has been growing little by little. What's more, since we first began, we have baptized 17 new-born Christians. Currently, our church has 20 members including those who live long distance in adjacent towns. Through concerts, Easter-celebrations, Pentecostal Sunday, Christmas, luncheons and some events at our church, we have grown to be publicly recognized as the christian church in our hometown.

    2019 marks our third year in public ministry. It was only three years ago when we were given the vision of raising the banner for the Lord in our town in Japan. Now, we've started fund-raising for our first church building.

   Our goal is 5,000,000 JPY (46,000 USD). We need your prayer and support. Renting a building for our church through your donations will help us further our mission to lead the world to worship God through SERVING, LOVING, EVANGELIZING and DISCIPLESHIP.

Choose to be someone who will raise the banner for the Lord !! 

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