Wonderful Christian Right.


By Rev.Taisuke Usui



Today, I want to talk about Christian Right.

We have many kinds of right in this world.

Human right, property right, the right to know, and so on.

But we need to know, we, Christian have a wonderful right.

It is the right of calling Jesus anytime, anyplace, in any situation in our lives.


Through the Matthew14:22-33, the story of Jesus walks on the water, we can confirm this right.


Here is the words— to read Mathew 14:22-33


When Jesus did miracles, people responded with many kind of ways,

astonishing, praising, or fear, just to mention a few.

But He always tried to encourage them and show something through His miracles.

Matthew revealed the power of Jesus to help his people in this chapter.


Even now, Jesus keeps on doing miracles to show us and lead us for his purpose.

Before we understand those miracles with our knowledge,

for example, with science, with common sense, and so on, we just need to rely on the power of Jesus.


In this chapter, we can find what we need to do in front of His miracles.

What action should we take to reveal that?

Let me talk about 3 point here.

What is 3 points?


No.1 to receive miracle

No.2 to trust Jesus

No.3 to embrace deliverance


Let me explain these 3 points.




No.1 is to receive miracle.

When the disciples saw that Jesus walked on the water, they were afraid of him.

They said”It is ghost” because walking on the water is impossible.

But after they recognized it was Jesus, they received this miracle.

So Peter could asked him “Lord, if it is you, command me to come to You on the water”


I got a question to you, no, to us.

If you see Jesus walks on the water, can you ask like Peter?

 I don’t think I will do it.

Because even we know Jesus is Christ and he does miracle

but we don’t think we can do same things as Jesus.


Matthew 17:20 says “

If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing is impossible for you. ”

But I have never met the guy who has the experience to tell the mountain “Move from here to there” seriously,…including me.


But in this time, Peter could say “Command me to come to You on the water”

He could believe, with Jesus’ permission, he could do it.

It means he could try himself whether he has mustard seed faith or not.

By the way, before Jesus walked on the water, what did he do?

He feed 5000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.


And He left to pray by himself over through night. This prayer was so long.

His prayer by himself is only twice in the gospel of Matthew.

First time is this time and next is at Gethsemane before he arrested.

So this prayer was very important same as at Gethsemane.


Bible didn’t mention what He prayed.

But I guess He might pray that somebody got a mustard seed of faith. And Peter got it.




No.2 is to trust Jesus.

With Jesus’ approval, Peter came toward Jesus.

He also walked on the water.

But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and he began to sink.


While he focused on Jesus, he never doubted and feared.

When he put his eyes on something else in this world, water, wave, wind, and his life,

fear and doubt caught him immediately.

He lost his mustard seed’s faith.


But I feel uncomfortable about his behavior.

Why Peter was afraid of the water. It was strange because Peter is Fisher.

Why was Fisher afraid of water?

He grew up with water.

Actually, he jumped in the water when he saw Jesus coming back from the grave.


In this time, he didn’t see the waves, wind, and water with only flesh eyes.

He saw them with spiritual eyes, too.

The wind and waves represents ‘this world’ and water represents ‘death’.

Realistically, we can’t be alive within five minutes in the water.


When Peter started to see waves, wind, and water,

in other words, when he started to see ‘this world’ ,not Jesus,

immediately the death entangled him.


This death is not only physical death but also spiritual death.

Both kinds of death start to catch him in this time.

So he was really really afraid.

He knew he could not do anything in front of physical death and spiritual death.




No.3 is to embrace deliverance.

When Peter started to sink, he cried out “Lord, save me”

Immediately, Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him.

And he said to him “O, you of little faith, why did you doubt?”

Now, brothers and sisters, What did Jesus do at first when Peter called?

He rescues!!  And He taught him.


Psalm 50:15 says “call on me in the day of trouble, I will deliver you”

It doesn’t say “You can call on me” or “If you need, you can call me”

It is not suggestion.

It is a command.


So we must call Him in the day of trouble.

There are any kinds of trouble in our life.

But what is the most dangerous trouble?

It is to separate from the Lord because of our failing, to lose faith.

It must bring us spiritual death.

It is eternal death.

So we must call Him when we started to see this world more than Jesus.





Before I getting close, let me talk about one more thing.

Verse32 says “And when they got into the boat, the winds ceased”

Let us look back to this story. Where did Jesus rescue Peter?

Yes, it was on the water. And they climbed into the boat together.

How did Peter get to the boat? Did he swim? Did he get there by himself?

No. I don’t think so. He walked on the water AGAIN after Jesus rescue him with Jesus.


The boat is “safety zoon with Jesus”. this safety zoon is the place of peace.


I don’t want to tell you “Keep strong faith in you in every moment in your life”

It is impossible. I know some folks can’t follow me.

Everybody knows Apostles Peter was the one of great Christian leader.

But even him, after he confessed that Jesus is the Lord, he denied him three times.

And after he received holy spirits, In Galatians 2:11-13, he failed. He felt shame to eat food with gentiles and he was accused by Paul.

Like that, even the one of the greatest leader of the first church, Apostles Peter,

sometimes the faith becomes weak.  

So again I don’t want to tell you “Keep strong faith in you in every moment in your life”

Instead of that, I want to tell you “Remember, Just call Jesus when your faith becomes weak”

So He must rescue us and teach us and walk with us until we get to heaven.


It is our right.

The right of calling Jesus anytime, anyplace, in any situation in our lives.

I want you to rely on just power of Jesus



Our life is sometimes up and sometimes down.

When we have too much burden, stress and trouble, we start to see this world not Jesus Christ.


Sometime the clouds is low we can hardly see the road.


When we got sick, Just call Jesus.

When we got trouble, just call Jesus

When we got rebuke and scorn, and feel misery, just call Jesus

Oh Lord, You listen to us. Anytime anyplace and any situation.

We can call Jesus in the morning.

We can call Jesus in the evening.

We can call Jesus even late in the midnight hour


Just call Jesus, He pick me up, turn me around and lead me until we get to heaven.


I want you to rely on just power of Jesus.