Title: Do love   

Text: 1John3 16-18

By Rev.Taisuke Usui

Today I want to deal with how to exercise love.


Before I start to talk about my text, let me talk about John.

He wrote The Gospel, three Epistle, and Revelation in New Testament.

It is said that the Gospel according to John was latest Gospel of all four.

And three epistle and Revelation was also latest books in the New Testament.


He was the only survivor in 12 Apostles.

Terrible persecution were raging and many Christian, disciples were executed.


Andrew, Bartholomew, Philip, Simon were executed with crucifixion.

Peter was executed with crucifixion upside down.

James, Judas, Matthias were executed with stone.

Matthew, Thomas were spared. James, beheaded


But God saved John’s life and he was not executed.

He was exiled to the isolated island in his old age.

It was bad things but because of exile, he could take enough time to write them.

When he wrote them, there are few people who experienced Jesus of Nazareth directly. Almost people are second generation or third generation.


I don’t think I am exactly right but I feel God wanted John to write them as a living testimony about Jesus Christ to the people who didn’t experience Jesus Christ directly, like you and me.


At the beginning of this epistle, he said

“That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon and our hands have handled, concerning the Word of life.”(1John1)


He talked, shouted to us like” I saw Jesus Christ. I touch Him, I live Him, I walked with Him, I ate with Him.” John was one of the first disciples when Jesus of Nazareth started His mission on the earth. When Jesus called him, he left boat and his father, and follow him. (Matt4:18-21).

That kind of John speaks to us now.


By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us. And we also ought to lay down our lives for brethren.


Before Jesus of Nazareth was arrested, He prayed “My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will” It was extremely bitter cup. But Jesus did it for our salvation and reconciliation with God. It was also extremely bitter cup for God Himself, too because He let them crucify His only begotten Son.

But God did it just for our salvation and reconciliation, for relief us from eternal death. God didn’t let Abraham do the same thing on the mountain in Moriah.(Gen.22:2b)


Andrew, Bartholomew, Philip, Simon, Peter, James, Judas, Matthias,Matthew, Thomas, James, Stephen, John the Baptist. There are countless Christian Martyrs in our history.

They were executed with many kinds of ways but their motivation was only one. They want to deliver the gospel. In other words, they died for somebody’s salvation. It came from just love.


I don’t want you to be executed and I don’t think I can do the same thing. But we want to remember this verse “though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, but have not love it profits me nothing” (1Cor.13)


 The love which God Himself, Jesus of Nazareth, amount of Martyrs exercised is just this kind of love.





But whoever has this world’s goods, and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him. How does the love of God abide in him?


This verse talks about physically needed and asks us to show our mercy on them.


Bible doesn’t deny wealthy, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, John, Moses, Daniel, Job, David, Solomon, there were many rich people who were loved by God in the history of the Bible.

Rich people have the role in God’s sight and poor people also has role in God’s sight in this world.


When the disciples asked the questions to Jesus about the blind man, of course John was there,

“Rabbi who sinned this man or parents, which he was born blind?” Jesus answered “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him” (John9:1-2)


When our spirit is filled with love of God, our physical action must follow our spirit. It is like after we inhale, we exhale. Contradiction is impossible.


When we can help somebody from our heart, the love of God abides in us. And when we can neglect somebody in need even when we can help, it represents the love of God doesn’t abide us now.


Sometime, we neglect. Sometimes, we forget compassion. When the deciple asked the question to Jesus about the blind man, they didn’t have compassion.


Good tree bear good fruits. Bad tree bear bad fruit.

Good spirit bear good action. Bad spirit bear bad action.

We should check out spirits anytime.

When we can’t find the love of God in us, it is the time of our spiritual crisis.

We should pray very seriously.





My little children, let us not love in word or tongue, but in deed and trust.


We should reflect our love which comes from Jesus Christ in this world.

How can we say “I love you” and “it is not my business” from the same mouth.


 We can donate for the people in calamity or Child poverty.

We can help or call 911 when we see the guy lying down on the road.

If somebody need job and he cannot find and we have some friend looking for somebody for his business, we should let them meet.

We should try to do our best for needed.

It is very natural action if the love of God abides in us.


Now I want you to recall one thing

The Bible leads our spiritual life more than physical life.

The Bible deals with spiritual matters more than physical matters


When I wrote this sermon, I recalled the story of Good Samarian.

When I read it at first, I felt uncomfortable.

What is the purpose? Jesus wanted to irony to the priest and levity. Jesus teaches us how to treat half dead travelers.


Again, The Bible deals with spiritual matters.


Who is the needed spiritually?

It is just the people who are bound to the eternal death.

Who is the real poor half dead traveler on the road spiritually?

It is just the people who are not in Jesus Christ.

They are confronted with eternal death.


We should be a Good Samarian spiritually.

We should not be a priest or Levity spiritually.


I believe that Great Commission is not the Law for Christian because all of the Law was fulfilled by Jesus Christ.

Great Commission is just what God shows us to exercise love one another.


Love one another not only between Christians but among the people whole around the world.

Do love Do love. Let us deliver the gospel to all around the world.